Bicycles will circulate in the center of the lane if the reform of the Traffic Law proposed by the DGT is successful

The new Traffic Law it continues to cook over low heat: it is already being processed in the Senate where it is receiving new amendments. Among them we find one that seeks make a recommendation of the DGT a standard: that the bikes in town circulate in the center of the lane.

This modification proposed by the PSOE aims to harmonize the law, since what is written in current regulations conflict with this recommendation focused on these vulnerable users.

However like other proposed amendments, the removal of the 20 km / h margin for overtaking o la 0.0 alcohol rate for minors, must be approved in the Congress of Deputies before the new regulation finally sees the green light and enters into force.

A change in the regulations that seeks to improve the safety of cyclists

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In Article 15 of the Traffic and Road Safety LawOn the direction of traffic on the road, it is stated that:

As a general rule and especially in curves and changes in elevation with reduced visibility, the vehicle will circulate on all the roads covered by this law on the right and as close as possible to the edge of the road, maintaining sufficient lateral separation to perform the cross safely.

Thus, the Socialist Parliamentary Group proposes that this text be modified in these terms:

As a general rule and especially in curves and changes in elevation with reduced visibility, the vehicle will circulate on all the roads covered by this law on the right and as close as possible to the edge of the road, with the exceptions that are determined by regulation, in any case maintaining sufficient lateral separation to make the crossing safely.

This change, as advocated by the amendment, seeks to enable that in a next modification of the General Traffic Regulation with regard to vulnerable users, such as those who circulate by bicycle, allow bicyclists to ride in the center of the lane on urban roads.

And it is that according to this modification defends, the current wording would prevent the adoption of this measure that, they point out, has traditionally been sued by the cycling collective and that it is “justified in terms of road safety”.

Not surprisingly, it is true that driving on the edge of the lane is more likely to enter the blind spot of a car or a larger vehicle. In addition, it also means more exposure to other dangers, such as double-parked cars, uneven surfaces (grates or gutters) or a parked vehicle opening the door without looking.

In fact, the DGT itself advises that cyclists use the central part of the lane to circulate on urban roads, despite the fact that the norm says otherwise.

It will also change the way you overtake cyclists

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This amendment would be added to others already included in the new Traffic Law that aim to reduce the accident rate for vulnerable users, which is one of the main open fronts of the DGT.

And it is that in the final loss ratio for 2020, on urban roads the 80% of the deceased they were precisely the vulnerable. Specifically, 153 pedestrians, 21 cyclists, 7 users of personal mobility vehicles and 134 motorists (including users of mopeds).

Thus, among the novelties of the reformed regulations we find, for example, the obligation of cars and other vehicles of completely occupy the opposite lane to overtake cyclists or mopeds on those roads that have more than one lane in each direction.

This will allow the lateral distance to be further increased, as now the law stipulates that part of the lane be occupied while maintaining a minimum lateral distance of 1.5 m.

Similarly, and beyond cyclists, the new Traffic Law also includes the mandatory helmet for electric scooter users, which will add to the newly implemented regulations that regulates this type of vehicles more and more numerous in the city.

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