Buy your SPA and prepare for next summer thanks to ManoMano Black Friday 🏊

It’s Black Friday at ManoMano and with this selection, you will have no more excuses not to miss out on your next summer!

Although the summer season is relatively far away, shopping on Black Friday is a great bargain. This is particularly the case for everything related to the maintenance of green spaces and garden (or terrace) lighting. However, in recent years, and even more since the COVID era, people are investing money in swimming pools and SPAs. The latter are especially popular thanks to very easy to install devices, especially inflatable models which can be removed as winter approaches. If you want to prepare for the summer of 2022 without any stress and without liquidating all of your Livret A, these three products from ManoMano could interest you:

See the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa SPA on ManoMano

See the set of ten LED projectors on ManoMano

See the GreenWork 40V G40AB on ManoMano

ManoMano offers for a summer of madness

You will be able to prepare for the 2022 summer season without a hitch and save nearly € 1,400 following the purchase of these three products. A fairly substantial reduction that should not be taken lightly. For its part, the blower from GreenWork will allow you to do a first cleaning of your terrace in order to secure the installation of the SPA Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydrojet Pro. It would be a shame if it deflated because of dirt!

In order to be able to enjoy it both day and night, the lighting installation will be necessary, hence the fact that this set of ten LED projectors will be perfect. Besides the fact that you can install one or two to light your SPA, you can also place it around your house, to light a path or around your house.

As for the GreenWork 40V G40AB blower, you will need to get this battery because it is delivered without. If you want to buy the model with battery, you will have to go to the GreenWork 40V G4ABK2 which is sold at a price of € 152.99 instead of € 179.99 at ManoMano.

A SPA for the family with a 44% reduction!

Formerly reserved for a relatively well-off part of the population, the SPAs have been able to evolve in order to reach other sections of the population. In fact, solid SPAs give way to less expensive inflatable SPAs without compromising on functionality.

Indeed, with the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydrojet Pro, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation whether in summer and even in winter with temperatures warming even the most refrigerated bodies. Once your patio is clean with the blower, all you have to do is start installing your SPA. Once ready, all you have to do is relax with a good book in a hot tub while being lit by one of the spotlights from our selection.

This SPA may also be suitable for larger families (up to seven people). So, are you ready for a top summer season thanks to ManoMano?

See the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa SPA on ManoMano

See the set of ten LED projectors on ManoMano

See the GreenWork 40V G40AB on ManoMano

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