For automated driving: Valeo shows new laser scanner

The technology group Valeo has presented a new generation of its lidar scanners. The new technology is intended to significantly increase the safety of automated vehicles. “Our primary goal with this device is still the same – to save lives on the streets,” said Geoffrey Bouquot, head of development and strategy at Valeo. The market launch is planned for the year 2024.

The third generation lidar should be able to do significantly more than its predecessor in terms of range, resolution and frame rate. According to Valeo, it reconstructs a 3D image of the vehicle’s surroundings in real time at a frequency of 4.5 million pixels and 25 images per second. Compared to the previous generation, the resolution has been increased by twelve times, the range by three times and the viewing angle by 2.5 times.

Thanks to its perceptual abilities, the new lidar recognizes things that humans, cameras and radars cannot see. This means that driving in the automation level at level 2 and higher can also be delegated to the vehicle on the motorway at speeds of up to 130 km / h. Even then, emergency situations could still be dealt with autonomously.

Valeo’s lidar sensors are manufactured in Germany at the Valeo plant in Wemding in Bavaria. According to its own statements, Valeo is the first and to this day is the only company that produces a laser scanner on an industrial level. The company has already produced over 150,000 units and equipped 99 percent of all cars that have a laser scanner. Valeo expects the lidar market to be worth more than $ 50 billion by 2030. (ger)

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