How to have at a glance the entire timeline of our favorite social network

Sooner or later a new category of monitors had to appear that would facilitate access to content published on social networks, and the first of them will come from Elsonic, Nojima’s sub-brand dedicated to the manufacture of electronic products, with the EK-MD088, a monitor ultra alto which will hit the Japanese market sometime next February at a price of 14,800 yen, equivalent to about 114.51 euros to change.

The interesting thing about this product, shown by Gizmodo, the thing is can be used even in smaller desk spaceseven as a secondary monitor versus the primary monitor on your desktop or laptop.

New category of monitors oriented to social networks

Its specifications are the most average, with a 8.8-inch TFT display, with a 7:32 aspect ratio, with a resolution of 420 × 1920p at 60Hz and a brightness level of up to 300 nits, with six available brightness levels to choose from.

The idea of ​​this device seeks to satisfy the need to make continuous movements through the chronological lines or walls of the social networks in which it is present, being a size that is in contrast to the category of ultra-wide monitors, mainly intended for the gaming world, although this monitor also supports laying out horizontally, although given its characteristics, it is still far from the advanced features of gaming monitors.

Its power will be made through the USB-C port, although it will admit the video signal through a built-in mini-HDMI connector, which allows that, in addition to the computer, other types of devices can be connected, although in this case the opportunity to send the video signal is lost via the USB-C connector.

It is already a matter of observing how it can be in different environments, although it is possible that at this time other manufacturers may be taking note so that in the future it can delight us with new monitors for this new category, and with somewhat higher performance.

And is that social networks are already part of our day to day, and we continually see the need to discover new content published through the corresponding scrolls down.

Those who continuously work with social networks, this monitor may come in handy to have the publications at a glance. It only remains to see how this new category of monitors can develop.

Image Credit: Nojima

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