In-Vehicle-Payments: Boom beim Bezahlen per Touchscreen

Just recently, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would be cooperating with Visa to enable fingerprint payments directly from the car from 2022, initially in Germany and Great Britain. This option is currently still the exception. In 2021, the total volume of payments made from the vehicle – without the use of a cell phone or tablet – will have been around 80 million US dollars worldwide, according to the analysts at Juniper Research.

According to the study, however, the volume is expected to soar by 5,300 percent to 4.7 billion US dollars by 2026. For Germany, Juniper Research predicts above-average growth of more than 8800 percent in this area. Regionally, around 42 percent of these in-vehicle payments will then be made in North America, 29 percent in Western Europe and 26 percent in China and the Far East.

The focus should be on paying fuel bills. They then account for about 48 percent of the payments, according to Juniper Research. The consultants expect that the payments from the car will initially focus on other areas that are directly related to the vehicle, such as parking and road usage charges, in addition to refueling. One of the brakes on further spread is the highly fragmented market of payment systems and providers in other areas. There are also security and liability issues to be clarified.

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