Instagram test option to add music to main feed posts

Music on Instagram allows you to give a different personality to the content that is shared through Stories or Reels.

This experience could be expanded to traditional feed posts, according to a recent report.

Instagram tests in India the option to add music in feed posts

India is an important audience for Instagram, as an important part of its activity is concentrated there. For the same reason, on several occasions it is usually the place where some experimental functions are put to the test before they end up being an official part of the platform at a global level.

The possibility of adding music to feed publications is an option that is already being tested in India, according to what was reported by the person in charge of Instagram Partnerships in India, the user @ladyroxpop, who through her account on the social network presented how this new tool works.

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In itself, the dynamics does not present something very different from what we are used to. The process of creating a publication is practically the same as what we know so far. The only difference is shown at the end, when the download text of the image, video or carousel is completed. Just as it is possible to tag other users, the location and even products for sale, it will also be possible to add a musical fragment. To choose the song and the fragment of it to use, the same steps are followed as in the Stories or Reels, according to what can be seen in the screenshots shared by the user.

Outside of India, few countries are part of this test. As has happened on previous occasions (and not only with Instagram), as long as there is no official announcement in between, the global launch date of this function is totally relative.

Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to add music officially in the publications. Uploading a clip with commercial music, without the corresponding license, is the cause of content deletion on many occasions, such as occurs on Facebook. With this option, a song can be legally used, as long as it is part of the catalog licensed by Instagram.

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