IOS 15 wallet will support IDs and driver’s licenses in 2022

At Apple’s last WWDC, an event in which the company announces its main novelties for each season, the future support for identification documents and driver’s licenses in the iOS Wallet application was unveiled.

Originally, this feature was expected to arrive in iOS 15 during the last period of this year, but a report noted that its launch was quietly delayed until the beginning of 2022.

Since 2022, iPhone will allow you to manage identification documents in its Wallet app

The change to the launch date of this feature was initially reported by MacRumors, portal that detected the update in the web de Apple dedicated to iOS 15.

According to the presentation of this feature at this year’s WWDC, the aforementioned update would allow iPhone or Apple Watch users to add their driver’s license or ID card to Apple Wallet, in the same way as with a Credit or debit card. Initially, its support will be extended within the United States, at selected control points of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) located in some airports in the North American country.

If the extension of support for making payments with Apple Wallet or other similar alternatives such as Google Pay, has taken longer in some countries than in others, it is because it is necessary to reach agreements with some banks and also guarantee that the infrastructure of payments can adequately support this technology.

With the issue that now opens with the digitization of the aforementioned identification documents, it will be necessary to go through a similar validation process in each country in which it seeks to adopt this technology, so that the documents in question do not lose validity with their digital counterparts.

The American experience will be key to the evaluation of this initiative. Those who use Wallet to digitally carry their IDs, may present their iPhone or Apple Watch in replacement of the physical copy before the TSA. The corresponding authority will be able to verify the validity of the document through an identity reader, without the need to hand over the iPhone or Apple Watch.

To perform identity checks with Wallet, the aforementioned identity readers anticipate, after coming into contact with the device, what specific identification information the relevant authority wants to know. The information will only be released if authorized with an unlock through Face ID or Touch ID.

In its first announcement, Apple claimed to have emphasized the privacy and security protections associated with this feature. For this reason, when uploading a new document to Apple Wallet, users must take a photograph of their face, which will be securely verified by the issuing state of the document. Additionally, users will be asked to complete a series of facial movements during setup, as an additional measure to prevent fraud.

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