Make your life easier with the Dreame T20 and L10 Pro vacuum cleaners at knockdown prices at Amazon!

Vacuum cleaners as we have known them before are less and less useful especially as they weigh a dead donkey. The latter give way to even more efficient devices, in particular stick vacuum cleaners like the Dreame T20 or also robot vacuum cleaners like the Dreame L10 Pro. The two vacuum cleaners mentioned above complement each other perfectly, allowing you to have a house that is always clean while making your household chores easier.

The Dreame brand has become in the space of a few years very popular with households – and businesses – thanks to ever more efficient and autonomous vacuum cleaners. Besides, if you intend to change your vacuum cleaner on the occasion of Black Friday, it might be the right time. Indeed, the stick vacuum cleaner, the Dreame T20, is currently on sale at Amazon priced at € 249.99 instead of € 399, i.e. € 149.01 reduction. And if you want to have a house that is always clean, it is also possible to accompany the T20 by the Dreame L10 Pro, a vacuum robot which is also on sale on Amazon priced at € 311.49 instead of € 389.99.

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See the L10 Pro on Amazon

Dreame T20: a multifunction stick vacuum cleaner

The Dreame T20 has been a great stick vacuum for years, recently replaced by the Dreame T30. However, the T20 remains and will remain for many years to come an excellent choice, especially since it is on sale on Black Friday, which makes it even more interesting. In terms of raw performance of the Dreame T20, the latter contains a Space 4.0 brushless motor capable of producing 125,000 rpm with a maximum suction power of 150 aW and 25,000 Pa! To put it simply, no dirt will resist the T20 especially thanks to its three modes.

Indeed, the Dreame T20 is equipped with three modes which will have a direct influence on the power of the engine and consequently, on its autonomy. A first mode (eco) which will provide an autonomy of 70 minutes. A second (classic) mode with better suction which will restore around thirty minutes of autonomy. And a performance mode, the most powerful, which restores eight minutes of autonomy. Of course, you can vacuum large rooms or large houses without any problem thanks to its 3000 mAh battery.

In order to optimize your household chores, the Dreame T20 comes with accessories which, moreover, will save you time. Indeed, these will make it possible, for example, to vacuum your sofas (and your car seats) without any problem, by transforming the stick vacuum cleaner into a hand vacuum cleaner.

In addition, it is soon winter, the spiders enter the houses to get warm. Thanks to the lightness and maneuverability of the Dreame T20, you can easily lift it up to vacuum them up.

In short, it is the stick vacuum cleaner that you need especially since it is on sale at the retailer Amazon priced at € 249.99 instead of € 399.

See the T20 on Amazon

Dreame L10 Pro: the robotic vacuum cleaner that saves a lot of time on a daily basis

In all the ranges of robot vacuum cleaners sold by the Dreame brand, the L10 Pro really stands out. Its multiple functions will allow you to have a clean environment on a daily basis without any intervention on your part.

Indeed, the Dreame L10 Pro is able to vacuum and mop simultaneously. You will therefore always have a clean floor, which is handy when you come home late from work, or have an unscheduled visit. Once configured for your wifi network and the dedicated application, you will only have to program it according to your preferred times and days.

The application of this robot vacuum cleaner is the equivalent of a conductor’s drumsticks. You can also clean specific areas like a dining room after lunch and dinner to pick up bread crumbs on the floor.

In terms of performance, the Dreame L10 Pro has a motor capable of restoring up to 4000 Pa, which is more than enough to leave no dirt after a first pass. The vacuum robot is equipped with a 5,200 mAh battery allowing a total autonomy of 150 minutes (2h30). The latter may vary depending on the suction power.

Dreame L10 Pro
© Dreame L10 Pro

The robot vacuum cleaner will be able to move easily in your home thanks to its various sensors, including a laser sensor on the top. The latter will allow the room to be analyzed in 3D, preventing the Dreame L10 Pro from rushing headlong into a piece of furniture or a wall.

Regarding the application dedicated to the Dreame L10 Pro, know that it is completely free and downloadable from the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can follow the status of each part for maintenance, cycle history and activatable (and deactivatable) features of the Dreame L10 Pro.

In short, here you will have an excellent robot vacuum cleaner. If you intend to acquire it, do not hesitate to go to our test. However, don’t think too long because the Dreame L10 Pro is on sale at Amazon priced at € 311.49 for a very limited time.

See the L10 Pro on Amazon

A vacuum cleaner duo that will work wonders

These two vacuum cleaners work perfectly separately but as the saying goes: alone we go faster, together we go further. Indeed, this vacuum cleaner duo will allow you to clean your house like no ordinary human to do it. This will represent a cost that should not be neglected, but thanks to these promotions for the Dreame T20 and the Dreame L10 Pro, your household chores will no longer be done in the same way. As a reminder, the T20 is available at a price of € 249.99 and the L10 Pro at a price of € 311.49.

See the T20 on Amazon

See the L10 Pro on Amazon

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