Mozilla closes its app to manage passwords and offers a better option

There are many options that allow us to manage our passwords using different dynamics. Firefox Lockwise is the option that Mozilla launched in 2019 and that will now come to an end.

This Mozilla application has several interesting features, but they will no longer be necessary because Firefox is already implementing a better proposal.

Firefox Lockwise will disappear in December

Firefox Lockwise follows the same dynamic as most password managers, and it is possible to use it from different platforms. And of course, the passwords are synced with the Firefox login. An ideal proposal for those who prefer this web browser.

However, Mozilla announced that it is closing its password manager app. As mentioned in their support page:

Mozilla will end support for the Firefox Lockwise app on Android and iOS as of December 13, 2021. You will no longer be able to install or reinstall Firefox Lockwise from the App Store or Google Play Store. IOS version 1.8.1 and Android version 4.0.3 will be the latest versions of Firefox Lockwise.

Although the app will continue to work, users should bear in mind that they will no longer receive security updates or any type of support. So it would no longer be advisable to continue using the application. However, this does not mean that Mozilla leaves users with no alternative.

Recall that one of the latest updates to Firefox on Android implemented password autocompletion, and without forgetting the synchronization of passwords between the computer and the mobile. All you need is to log in and go through a short setup.

And of course, you can manage passwords from the same password manager as Firefox. So you no longer need to have an extra app on your mobile to have this function. If you use Firefox Lockwise you will not lose anything, since you will be able to follow the same dynamics from the last version of Firefox.

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