Neo and John Wick in Mortal Kombat? Keanu Reeves gives his opinion

Is the actor who will return soon in Matrix 4 excited to see his characters chain Fatalities?

If you are into video games, you are most likely familiar with Mortal Kombat. Over the years, fans of the fighting game ultra-gore signed NetherRealm were entitled to many guest characters; Over the years, Predator, the Joker, Freddy Krueger or even Terminator have all come to exchange courtesies with SubZero and others. But some are more cautious than Schwarzenegger when it comes to integrating their characters into the most famous video game butcher shop. This is the case with Keanu Reeves, who hopes his iconic roles will stay away from it all.

In full promotion of Matrix 4, the actor gave an interview to Esquire during which his interlocutor asked him if he would agree to his characters being integrated into the game. “If it was up to me? No.”, He answers very firmly. “Mortal Kombat is awesome on so many levels. But you know, I think Neo… John Wick… they’re doing their own thing. And Mortal Kombat does its own thing on its own.

A union that seemed perfect

A bit cryptic as an answer; but the message got across, and it’s a real cold shower for some fighting game fans. We imagine that many players would have gladly ducked their opponent with John Wick, a bit like Stryker, the iconic gunner of the MK series. But what encouraged the fans, above all, was the fact that the franchises Mortal Kombat and Matrix belong to the same entity. Both sail under the Warner Bros. flag. It could have made it possible to get rid of licensing and copyright issues, which often put these projects in jeopardy and seemed to be the main obstacle to Neo’s arrival in the game.

The first disappointed will certainly be Ed Boon. During an interview in 2019, the iconic boss of NetherRealm had made no secret of his love for the two characters. He had publicly stated his desire to include them in the game. Eurogamer also recalls that Neo almost landed in Injustice 2, the fighting game based on the DC universe.

In theory, nothing is over yet; From a strictly legal standpoint, Keanu Reeves doesn’t really have a say in the use of these characters. Remember also that the studio had already done without the voice of Schwarzenegger when integrating Terminator. But it would be all the same very astonishing that the studios are going against the will of Reeves. There is therefore little chance that the Chosen One or the best friend of dogs will come to chain Fatalities to the kingdom of Shao Kahn. Too bad, because the two characters would probably have found their place in the game without too much concern.

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