new emojs have nothing to do with microsoft’s promise

A new batch of emojis are coming soon to Windows 11 … but those who have taken Microsoft literally are going to be disappointed.

Last July, Microsoft surfed the popularity of emojis as part of the promotional campaign for its new operating system. The Redmond firm then unveiled 3D emojis with a rather successful look. It did not take more to make the mouths of the addicts with little yellow faces, and their wish will soon be granted since Windows will apparently release this new batch during the week… but with a few surprises.

Because against all expectations, the firm has reneged on some of its promises. She finally opted for a more sober 2D design and quite far from the initial promise. Probably a disappointment for those who expected to be able to garnish their messages with raised pictograms. During its initial announcement, Microsoft also affirmed its desire to “animate the majority of its emojis”. Another announcement that does not seem to have materialized, at least for the moment.

Microsoft initially promised 3D emojis. © Microsoft

But if the 3D component has gone by the wayside, it is clear that this redesign is rather successful. Exit, the thick black border that surrounded the emojis on Windows; we are now entitled to a more colorful, elegant and modern design. We also note the return of Clippy, or Trombine in French; the iconic assistant of the Office suite will soon replace the old “paperclip” emoji.

Microsoft has not announced whether this is a temporary release; so we don’t know if the company still plans to release a 3D version one day, or if the idea has been abandoned for good. What seems certain, however, is that these pictograms will be reserved for Windows 11 users; those who have chosen to stay on the old version of the operating system will have to settle for the old version. These new emojis should be available in an update that will be rolled out later this week.

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