Nintendo also takes a stand on the case

While Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick is more or less in the hot seat, Nintendo is expressing concern over this whole affair.

After Sony and Microsoft, it’s Nintendo’s turn to come out of the shadows in the face of the highly publicized case of sexual harassment at Activision-Blizzard. For many months, several studio employees have been accused of harassment, assault or even creating a toxic work environment. Recently, several other players in the video game industry have spoken out about this case.

Nintendo therefore joins the ranks of those who absolutely condemn the alleged actions of the CEO of Activision-Blizzard. Bobby Kotick is indeed at the heart of many complaints at the moment, but it seems that the place of the director within the company is not yet completely questioned. Faced with this, the president of the American branch of Nintendo, Doug Bowser, said :

« Like all of you, I’ve been keeping up with the latest news regarding Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity within the company. I find these testimonies distressing and disturbing, they go against my values ​​as well as Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and policies. »

This is the opening of an email that he would have sent to his internal collaborators. According to Fanbyte, which relays this information, the president would have mentioned having taken certain measures in connection with Nintendo’s recent collaborations with Activision Blizzard, without specifying the nature of these measures.

Bobby Kotick remains CEO, for now

However, Bobby Kotick does not seem so worried by this wave of discontent, which is now affecting the giants of the industry. A few days ago, the board of directors asked the CEO to step down for the moral well-being of the studio employees. He himself admitted to feeling ashamed about certain events that took place under his responsibility as director.

He would later have agreed to resign if he could not settle this matter as quickly as he wanted. He is now aware that the noose is tightening and that the longer he waits, the more media coverage will take over the investigation. It happened after the Wall Street Journal published a report that said Kotick was well aware of some controversial cases even before there was an investigation. He is also accused of having mistreated certain employees.

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