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Are you looking for a TV channel to watch Manchester City PSG tonight? We give you the easiest and fastest way to do it.

The game Manchester City PSG will be streamed this Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. If you want to watch this game, here’s which TV channel to go to. If Manchester is the first club in the group, PSG is positioned just behind in second position. This meeting promises one of the most beautiful posters of the entire Champions League 2021.

To watch Manchester City vs. PSG streaming, the solution is to subscribe to the RMC Sport TV channel, in a 100% digital version. The RMC Sport + BeIN Sport offer costs 19 euros per month instead of 29 euros (until tomorrow)In addition to saving money, you are guaranteed to see all Champions League matches in peace and without any advertising.

Watch the match live

The Sport Pass which gives you access to the RMC Sport TV channel to watch the Manchester City PSG match is at a discount until Thursday, November 25. After this date, it will be 29 euros as usual – against 19 euros with this special offer. You also have the possibility of choosing Canal +, but the offers remain more expensive, we will still describe them in order to allow you to choose the formula that suits you best to see the Champions League.

City PSG, on which TV channel?

The easiest way to access Manchester City PSG streaming is the RMC Sport channel. And for good reason, the highlighted offer is accessible in terms of price but also of use. Plus, you won’t just see tonight’s game but the entire Champions League. And for good reason, RMC Sport and BeIN Sport share all the broadcasting rights for the championship, which explains why the Sport Pass is so complete.

With the RMC Sport channel, you have the choice between 2 options to follow the Manchester City PSG match streaming at 9:00 p.m. Firstly, there is the first offer at 19 euros per month instead of 29. This is the one we quoted earlier, it is the most relevant formula for us. If it is accompanied by a one-year commitment, this formula displays a suitable price with the reduction in progress until tomorrow.

The second offer from the RMC Sport TV channel is non-binding, it also gives access to City PSG streaming tonight and to the rest of the Champions League. Taking into account the fact that it does not require any commitment on your part, its price is 35 euros per month (instead of 40). It seems less competitive to us because we suspect that you will not watch a single match of this cup.

To watch this Manchester City PSG match on the RMC Sport TV channel, it’s here:

Watch the match live

Regardless of the formula (with or without commitment), the RMC Sport TV channel allows you to follow Manchester City PSG streaming live, in HD and without advertising. There are multiple devices to choose from whether it’s a smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV, or old-fashioned TV with a Google Chromecast.

Watching the Manchester City PSG match streaming from the RMC Sport TV channel service is simple. All you have to do is go to the website (or application) to create an account and then validate your registration by email. Then, just connect with the device of your preference. Just click on the live stream – in less than ten minutes, you’re ready to kick off at 9 p.m. sharp.

The offer of the RMC Sport channel allows you not to miss anything of the Manchester City PSG match in streaming and the entire Champions League, but that’s not all. The Sport Pass allows you to follow the Spanish Liga, the Premier League as well as the German Bundesliga. This is valid with both offers, whether or not you are committed to the service in question. For us, the formula at 19 euros remains more relevant with the discount and the lower price.

Another channel to watch?

RMC Sport is not the only TV channel to broadcast the Manchester City PSG game. As we said, you can follow the meeting with the offers of Canal +, it can also present itself as a good alternative. With these formulas, you can also watch the match as well as the entire Champions League. Only it is all the same much more expensive and engaging.

With Canal +, you have the choice between two offers. However, these are 100% digital formulas which do not allow you to follow the Manchester City PSG match in streaming with the TV decoder. These turn out to be more expensive than those of the RMC Sport chain. Here is the detail :

Whether you take the offers from the RMC Sport or Canal + TV channel, you are guaranteed to access Manchester City PSG streaming tonight at 9 p.m. Remember to choose your formula so as not to miss the start at 9 p.m., this Champions League match promises to be very emotional.

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