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Pre-ordered G-Shock BlitzWolf smartwatch

An amazing amount of budget smartwatches and activity meters are circulating not only in the Chinese market but all over the world. Just BlitzWolf alone is sure to make a minimum of ten, but probably more. The difference between these is sometimes to be found with a magnifying glass.

A BlitzWolf AT3C it has become a real sports watch, already in terms of its appearance. The Casio is similar to the G-Shock series, and a G-wear inscription has been added to it, which further reinforces this. However, it could not be called a clear copy. Its display is a 360 × 360 pixel, 1.32 inch piece, which is touch-sensitive, but three traditional push buttons also help with operation. The case of the dial and the buttons are also made of metal, however, the bottom is plastic. There is the heart rate sensor and charging connector.

With the activity meter we can measure our heart rate, blood oxygen levels, the quality of our sleep and measures our activity during various sports. He knows 13 kinds of sportsbut among them there is no swimming in it, because only limited water resistance. It also has basic features like that notification display, music control, camera control and female cycle monitoring. However, there are extras. Simple games were built into it, such as the one-hour version of 2048, and you can even make phone calls with it by connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth. This is due to its built-in dialer and microphone.

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