production must grow up to 70% to reach the 2030 targets

The green hydrogen is one of the great hopes of the energy transition in the fight against climate change, but although there are many projects working on its production, still it’s a distant scene.

A group of energy experts from six different German institutes have launched the Ariadne de Copernicus project, which is financed with federal funds from the country.

Since, right now, green hydrogen is not available in sufficient quantities and it is not foreseen for the next few years. As the industry is now, in 2030 only 1% of the European Union’s energy demand could be satisfied with green hydrogen.

And better as a fuel base and even fuels

wind power

The aim of the EU is to have up to 40 GW capacity for electrolysis but for this, you must work on green hydrogen twice as fast as wind power and at a speed similar to the photovoltaic energy.

It is true that right now there are different projects to promote green hydrogen but they may not be enough. The electrolysis capacity must be increased and, for this, the ideal will be manufacture electrolyzers in series.

Most of the completed electrolysis projects are well below 10 MW, the world’s largest electrolyzer in operation has 20 MW of electricity production.

By the end of 2021, the EU is expected to have an electrolysis capacity of 180 MW, which would be equivalent to around 0.5% of target 40 GW by 2030. Even if this goal is achieved, the resulting amounts of hydrogen could only cover around 1% of final energy demand in the EU.

By 2023, we assume that all projects that are already under construction or for which a final investment decision has been made, as well as 30% of projects without an investment decision, will be completed on time.

The annual growth rate rrequired thereafter in the period 2024 to 2030 to achieve the goal of 40 GW EU in 2030 is almost 70%.

Although thinking of this green hydrogen to power the electrical grid may not be possible, but it can serve as a fuel base and even fuels for replace the use of coal, oil and natural gas in industry and heavy transportation.

Solar panel

Scientists think of hydrogen, which can already be obtained in large quantities from natural gas. “A blue hydrogen bridge it could increase the supply of climate-friendly hydrogen and allow an earlier transformation into hydrogen, “the study reads.

Although the blue hydrogen it is not so ecological and its production does generate greenhouse gases when produced with the burning of coal and / or natural gas.

What is clear is that investment in green hydrogen is a very important factor if the zero emissions objective is to be achieved and that for this, current efforts must be increased, since they are not enough.

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