REKT breaks the prices by offering up to 30% discount on its gaming chairs and desks!

REKT, the French brand of gaming chairs has prepared great offers for its Black Friday and is offering exclusive discounts as of today up to 30% off, enough to equip you for a comfortable setup!

The REKT RGo ergonomic chair at € 379 instead of € 499

The chaise REKT RGo is designed to be the quintessential modern computer chair – fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, comfortable – all combined with a stunning design to meet the needs of any user who spends long hours sitting.

Take advantage of the REKT offer

Sitting for hours at a desk without sufficient support means that the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders have to work much harder to prevent poor posture. More often than not, this leads to pain and tension. GERD is designed not only to relieve load and pressure, but also to keep your body naturally balanced and well supported so that you can stay focused on your work.

Note that the RGo Max Business version is also on promotion at € 549 instead of € 699.

R-DESK Gaming Desk 140 to 219 € instead of 249 €

Some people do not have enough room for large 160 cm desks and find that standard 110/120 cm desks do not offer them enough room to optimally position the various elements of their gamer setup.

Take advantage of the REKT offer

The R-DESK 140 has the perfect size (W 140 x D 64 x H 77 cm)! Its width of 140 cm entirely covered with a mouse pad (high intensity, non-slip, waterproof and machine washable), is specially designed to provide the space necessary for a configuration with 1 or 2 PC screens that can measure up to 27 ″ Without any discomfort. The metal structure and the thickness of the top offer great robustness for a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.

Finally, the R-Desk 140 is equipped with a cable management system to optimize all your connections and thus leave a minimum of visible cables. A box to store them is at your disposal to make your setup as clear as possible visually.

Note that the R-DESK 110 is on sale for 139 € instead of 199 €, and the RGo DESK at € 359 instead of € 499.

The ULTIM8 PLUS gaming chair at 359 € instead of 399 €

Particularly suitable for large riders, this gaming chair has a seat and a larger and wider backrest than its little brother. It will be perfect for tall, muscular, balaizes or those who just like to have space. With its quilted patterns and innovative Elastron fabric, the UMTIM8 PLUS guarantees style, comfort and durability. It was designed with high quality materials at all levels. Wheels, star base, fabric, padding …

Take advantage of the REKT offer

Note that the ULTIM8 gaming chair is at € 299 instead of € 349, and that the BG1-RS is at € 229 instead of € 269.

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