Robots that clean tables and perform other daily tasks

There are robots of all kinds, from which they jump like crazy those who cross difficult terrain to save lives, passing through those who enter the human body to release drugs.

Today we will talk about robots that are being programmed to perform daily jobs, such as cleaning tables or picking up garbage.

We see the details in, where there are several examples of what this institution, which was born from Google X and worked together with Google teams, is building.

It is a new type of robot that can teach itself to do almost any task.

At the moment they have a fleet of more than 100 robot prototypes that do a bit of everything. One classifies the garbage, another cleans tables, another uses pliers to hold glasses, another opens the doors … they comment that robots are quite good at perceiving the environment and grabbing cups from tables, but they have to be trained to adapt to the different hands , to have glass in some places, to different weights and resistances… it is not an easy task.

They ensure that these types of robots will not steal anyone’s work, they will only increase human productivity by increasing what humans can do for themselves, although seeing what one can do cleaning tables in a restaurant, there will always be doubts.

What they do from Everyday Robots, as can be seen from the videos on their website, is that they want to teach, but the reason is still not very clear. Cleaning tables can be a good task for them to learn to adapt to different situations, but they do not want to create a thousand dollar robot that can be used to clean tables, because it will be many years before they can do it better than any human.

The useful tasks autonomously are thus transformed into subjects of a course that the robots have to do to achieve a final goal, but what that goal will be is not yet very defined.

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