Suspicion of aiding and abetting fraud: Investigations against ex-Conti managers in the VW emissions scandal expanded again

The Hanover public prosecutor’s office has once again expanded its investigation into a possible involvement of former top managers at Continental in the VW emissions scandal. In the meantime, the investigations were directed against four former top executives of the auto supplier, the prosecutors said on Wednesday. Last week there was initially talk of three additional proceedings on this subject.

“Among other things, it is about the suspicion of aiding and abetting fraud,” said an investigator. It is suspected that Conti, with the knowledge of the managers concerned, delivered engine control units suitable for illegal defeat devices to Volkswagen. The affair surrounding the manipulation of diesel exhaust gas values ​​using deception software was exposed at VW in September 2015, but it goes back well into the 2000s. Suspicions against seven engineers and two project managers had already led to raids at Continental.

The “Wirtschaftswoche” had previously reported on the now expanded examinations by the investigating authority. The DAX group had emphasized that it would work closely with the public prosecutor. The long-standing CFO Wolfgang Schäfer recently had to resign because, according to Conti, “deficits in ongoing clarification” had emerged in an internally initiated investigation into the diesel allegations. The accused or their lawyers have not yet commented. (dpa / os)

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