The Alpine A110 is updated with an engine brought to 300 hp and new finishes

Few times a current sports car has aroused as much enthusiasm as the reinterpretation of the Alpine A110. It hit the market four years ago and has quickly established itself as one of the benchmarks in the segment. Its unusual lightness, its efficient and playful dynamic behavior, the preserved ride comfort and its neo-retro design are its main assets.

The first two years of marketing were really good, but sales have been declining every year. It is something normal in this type of car, hence, just four years later, Alpine updated its only model to give it a new impetus. The objective is to maintain the level of sales until the arrival of your substitute, 100% electric, scheduled for 2025.

Alpine A110S 2022 Orange Fire Black Roof

This time we are really talking about an update, as the changes focus on the equipment, some mechanical improvements and the organization of the range.

On an aesthetic level, the Alpine A110 2022 is identical to the one from 2017. Or almost. The 2022 models differ from the previous ones by the inscription of the version (A110, A110 S or A110 GT) under the brand. Thus, Alpine also follows the trend of filling the behind with various calligraphies.

For the rest, it is now possible to opt for a two-tone body on the A110 S, something that until now could only be done on the Japanese market. Of course, in Europe it can only be done by combining a black roof with the Fire orange bodywork.

Alpine A110S 2022 Orange Fire Carbon Fiber Spoiler

On the other hand, the A110 S can now optionally equip a “aerodynamic kit“Consisting of a fixed rear spoiler and a front slat (both in carbon fiber), as well as larger fairings at the front and under the car to improve the efficiency of the flat ground.

This option is accompanied by a maximum speed of 275 km / h, instead of the normal 260 km / h thanks to an electronic limitation. Alpine assures that this kit provides 141 kg of aerodynamic load at 275 km / h.

Alpine A110S 2022 carbon fiber spoiler

300 hp to rival the Porsche 718 Cayman

For the 2022 edition of its sports car, Alpine has slightly tweaked the Renault 1.8 turbo four-cylinder engine of the A110 S and now reaches the symbolic figure of 300 CV a 6.300 rpm (the outgoing model is 292 hp).

Alpine A110S 2022 naranja Fire

The torque, which is still limited by the original Getrag seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, goes from 320 to 340 Nm. In this way, the A110 S differs even more from the A110 base, which retains its 252 hp and 320 Nm extracted from it 1.8 liter turbo.

As for the third model in the range, the A110 GT, it takes over from the limited series Légende GT. It is basically an A110 S (same 300 hp engine and same brakes), but with seats and a chassis tuning that favors use on the road and not so much on the track.

Alpine A110S 2022 asientos bucket seats

The new Alpine A110 faces the Porsche 718 Cayman, its main rival. Alpine and Cayman move in the same price range, have the same power and are two references at a dynamic level.

The prestige of the German brand and the quality perceived on board are the two main obstacles that the French model has to overcome. Well, it is not the 226 kg more that the 718 Cayman weighs compared to the Alpine A110 that will make the difference.

The other major change is seen in the cabin, but only if the central touchscreen is turned on. Its seven-inch size may seem small nowadays, but it has an entirely new multimedia system. Is now compatible con Apple CarPlay y Android Auto and it’s more intuitive, with a customizable home screen with widgets. A little later, Alpine will also add a Wi-Fi connection.

Alpine A110S 2022 interior

Not that it was the most important criticism of a car designed for driving enjoyment, the outgoing model’s system already had a reputation for being outdated when the car was released.

Alpine A110S 2022 naranja Fire

Alpine A110S with carbon fiber spoiler

Alpine A110S 2022 rear view

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