The Ford Ranger is completely renewed to remain the best-selling pickup par excellence

Ford just unveiled the nueva pick-up Ford Ranger. A totally new pick-up that will propose two types of all-wheel drive and a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel as the top of the range while its plug-in hybrid version is waiting.

The success of the current Ford Ranger has surprised even Ford. Sales leader in Europe (45,539 units sold and a 39.9% market share so far this year), this pick-up was not intended for the US market. And yet Ford ended up successfully selling the Ranger across the pond as well.

With this new generation, Ford will not be caught off guard by success. The new Ford Ranger has a global calling. In fact, it is a car developed by Ford Australia.

The new pick-up has covered 10,000 km of desert driving, 1,250,000 km of driving with potential customers at the wheel and 3,625,000 km of durability tests in an off-road environment, all with its maximum load capacity.

The Ranger has also undergone “thousands of hours” of computer and real-world simulations covering the aerodynamics and durability of components and structures.

Ford Ranger 2023

Ford has not yet wanted to reveal all the details of its new Ranger, such as the dimensions, or all the details of its range of engines. The current model measures 5.28 m long by 1.87 m wide and 1.85 m wide. A priori, the new Ranger will not be much bigger.

It is known that the platform is new and that it has a wheelbase 50 mm longer than the current model, thus going from 3220 mm to 3270 mm. In part that greater distance is due to a front axle positioned further forward to have a better angle, they explain from Ford. The tracks were also widened by 50 mm, thus reaching 1,610 mm.

Three diesel engines as the plug-in hybrid arrives

Ford Ranger 2023

In terms of style and against what I thought we ares, the new Ford Ranger has more to do with the Ford Maverick than with the everlasting F-150. Although the light signature of the daytime running lights with LED technology is reminiscent of what the F-150 proposes and especially its version Electric LightningThe design of the front is very Maverick, with a horizontal bar on the grille that bites into the light clusters.

Some bumps on the bumper, reminiscent of a kind of bush-bars and are intended to give it a more passionate and adventurous air. The new Ranger will be available in three different versions, each intended for a different audience. The Sport, more oriented to use on asphalt, the Wildtrack, blatantly offroad, and the XLT, clearly for professional use.

Ford Ranger 2023

Ford Ranger XLT

On a mechanical level, Ford does not give many details. It is limited to mentioning the presence of three diesel engines in the range. The top of the range will be the 3.0-liter diesel V6, although we do not yet know if it will be the same V6 EcoDiesel of 253 CV and 596 Nm that animates the Ford F-150. There will also be a twin-turbo 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and a single-turbo version for the entry version.

At the moment, there is no talk of gasoline or hybrid engines, but Ford acknowledges that the platform is designed to accommodate a plug-in hybrid system. Regarding the transmission, Ford talks about an automatic transmission with electronic lever and two types of integral traction with reducer.

Ford Ranger 2023

The first has a selector and electronic control that allows the type of traction to be varied on the fly and the second is automatic, where the driver lets the car decide which is the best option.

A Ford Ranger that takes care of the practical aspect

Ford Ranger 2023

On board, the changes are also notable. The dashboard, with a digital instrument panel, stands out for the presence of a multimedia touch screen in vertical format, in the style of Ford Mustang Mach-E, 10.1, or 12 inches, depending on the finishes. located in the central panel.

This screen has the operating system SYNC 4 from Ford with voice activation and remote updates. The new Ranger is no stranger to connected systems and equips a WiFi access point Factory integrated FordPass Connect, enabling connectivity on the go when paired with the FordPass app.

Ford Ranger 2023

This app enables a series of remote features similar to what other brands offer, such as remote start, vehicle status, and remote door lock and unlock functions.

It should be noted that the air conditioning controls are still physical, although they are duplicated on the central screen. Instead, what is no longer done via a physical control is the selection of the different driving modes.

Ford Ranger 2023

Ford Ranger Sport

With a single touch, drivers access the dedicated display for driving and off-road modes, where they can view the steering angle, the vehicle’s bank and roll angles and other information.

From the screen the exterior lighting is controlled by zones. Zonal lighting can be useful for working at night or camping, explain from Ford. But the most interesting thing about this large screen is when the 360º camera that allows you to park with ease or to control with greater precision where we put the wheels in off-road situations.

Ford Ranger 2023

Yes, as in any new car some functions may seem like simple gadgets, but it must be recognized that, at least on paper, the new Ranger is packed with practical solutions. So much so that Ford has even endowed the new Ranger with USB and USB-C sockets, because not everyone changes their smartphone every six months.

And not all the solutions adopted are of a technological nature. The box, or cargo area, is 50mm wider in the new pick-up. It doesn’t seem like much, but that means that a pallet can now be loaded in all markets. The box also has dividers to hold objects of different sizes.

Ford Ranger 2023

The tailgate can also function as a mobile workbench with a built-in ruler and calipers for measuring, grabbing and cutting building materials. And, of course, the box is illuminated.

The new Ford Ranger still has some secrets to reveal, including when the plug-in hybrid version will arrive and what engines will arrive in Europe (the 3.0-liter V6 sounds tempting for a future Raptor, but it seems unlikely).

For now, the new-generation Ranger will be built at Ford’s plants in Thailand and South Africa from 2022. By 2023, it will be built at other plants for other markets. In Europe, we can see her from 2023.

Ford Ranger 2023

Ford Ranger 2023

Ford Ranger 2023

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