The new Ford S-Max and Galaxy earn the ECO label with hybrid engines, for just over 40,000 euros

The new ones are here self-charging hybrid versions (FHEV) of the Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy Hybrid with ECO label.

Manufactured in the Valencian plant of Almussafes, these minivans with seven seats and a range of more than 1,100 km They are unique in their class and, despite not belonging to the fashion segment, they resist the challenge of the SUV thanks to their main arguments: versatility, great capacity and a very complete equipment.

Both are equipped with a propulsion system derived from the one mounted on the Ford Kuga and formed by the combination of a 120 hp electric motor and a 165 hp 2.5 Duratec petrol motor (Atkinson cycle), which together provide a total power of 190 CV y ​​200 Nm from and they are fed by a 1.1 kWh lithium-ion battery water cooled. The system is able to homologate a consumption figure of 6.4 l/100 km.

No need for plugs

S-Max Hybrid

S-Max Hybrid

In terms of performance, the combined power delivered by the two engines of the Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy Hybrid provides very correct figures for both, with a top speed of 185 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds for the S-Max and 10 for the Galaxy.

In situations such as steep slopes or if they are heavily loaded, these FHEVs have an “L” function with shorter development, which favors movement and allows a towing capacity of up to 1,750 kg.

The battery is charged automatically thanks to the action of the gasoline engine and regenerative charging technology, which is activated when slowing down or braking without the need for the user to connect the vehicle to an external power source.

Ford Galaxy Hybrid

Ford Galaxy Hybrid

Specifically, it is able to take advantage of up to 90 percent of the energy that is normally lost in braking and can work only with the electric motor (for approximately two kilometers), with the gasoline exclusively or by adding the two.

According to data from Ford, thanks to their technology these models are capable of reduce CO₂ emissions by more than 10 percent (WLTP) compared to its diesel-powered counterparts, a mechanic that will soon be phased out of the S-Max and Galaxy ranges.

In addition, the battery pack is located at the rear of the vehicles, under the floor, which allows a significant saving of space while leaving the luggage compartment capacity intact, regardless of the chosen configuration.


In both the Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy Hybrid all seats are modular: they can be folded or moved individually depending on the needs of each moment, and allow the installation of Isofix child seats in the second row.

Even with the seven seats upright, the S-Max offers a capacity of 285 liters of luggage space, which can be 1,035 liters with five seats folded or up to 2,200 liters of maximum capacity if the two rows of seats are folded down. seating. For its part, the Galaxy raises the figure to 300 and 1,300 liters in each case.

The size in this case does matter


The main differences between the Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy Hybrid are in aesthetics and the range of finishes. Regarding aesthetics, the S-Max is more sporty in orientation, while the Galaxy has a design with a more sober and elegant touch.

What’s more, the dimensions are slightly differentBecause despite the width (2.13 m) and wheelbase (2,850 m) of both models being the same, the S-Max measures 4.804 m long compared to the 4.848 m measured by the Galaxy. In height, the S-Max measures 1,684 m compared to the 1,747 marked by the Galaxy, which makes it possible for first and second row passengers to have almost one meter of free ceiling space according to the manufacturer.

Superior equipment for the S-Max Hybrid


In the finishes section, with the Hybrid version of the S-Max comes a powerful update for the model, which now has the latest technology in terms of safety, entertainment and driving aids.

Dispose of modem integrado FordPass Connect from the most basic Trend finish, which offers Wi-Fi connection for up to ten devices. This allows, for example, Live Traffic updates, which offers a free trial, although later it requires a subscription.

Likewise, this system operating in conjunction with the FordPass app offers remote functions such as door opening, vehicle status information or geolocation. It also has Ford’s “Local Hazard Information” function, which anticipates the driver of possible dangerous situations on the road.


Also as series we find driving assistance systems such as the cruise control or rear and front parking sensors, while the more complete finishes also include a lane keeping system or rear vision camera.

The top variants Trend and Titanium They have 18-way adjustable seats, and the top-of-the-range Vignale variant includes, among others, heated and cooled driver and passenger seats, adjustable in ten positions and with massage function. Finally, the acabado ST-Line (with a clear sporty focus) adds to the above a rear spoiler and darkened windows.

Available options include the “hands-free” tailgate, the “Ford Keyfree” keyless start system, pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, intelligent adaptive cruise control, the front or rear view camera and the audio equipment of high Fidelity. Elements that can be included in the “Optional package X”, Which has an extra cost of 3,500 euros.

In the Ford Galaxy Hybrid, just like home


The new Ford Galaxy Hybrid is available only in Titanium finish, which includes 17-inch alloy wheels as standard. As an option, they can be replaced by 18 or 19-inch diameter ones.

In addition, for this model there are other interesting options such as leather upholstery, the “X Package” or the “Winter Package” that includes heated seats, heated steering wheel and heated windscreen for a price of 400 euros.

Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy Hybrid prices


The new Ford S-Max Hybrid comes with a price that starts at 40,850 euros without discounts or financing, while the Ford Galaxy Hybrid in its only available option costs 47,350 euros.

Thus, the prices of both ranges without discounts would be the following:

  • Ford S-Max Hybrid Trend: 40.837 euros
  • Ford S-Max Hybrid Titanium: 43.362 euros
  • Ford S-Max Hybrid ST-Line: 45.462 euros
  • Ford S-Max Hybrid Vignale: 50.612 euros
  • Ford Galaxy Hybrid Titanium: 47.337 euros

However, the brand has announced important promotional discounts for both models of ones 10.000 euros, to which would be added 1,500 more if the purchase is financed.

In this way, we can buy, for example, a Ford S-Max Hybrid ST-Line with Package X, for about 39.000 euros, which would be reduced to approximately 37,500 euros with the financing.

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