There will be no more Chevy Bolt this year

Chevrolet is focusing on replacing the problem shop and the Opel Ampera.


The story of the electric car most expensive recall rounded the Chevrolet Bolt, or the European market Opel Ampera The battery manufacturer has asked users not to park indoors – but in several places vehicles have even been banned from open car parks. .

The Chevy Bolt did well anyway, with the right size EV [+]

The fault is due to the coexistence of two battery problems in the vicinity of the separator, causing several Bolt to ignite from different vintages and costing $ 1.9 billion to replace virtually all models ever manufactured in the United States alone. In addition, this is happening quite slowly due to the scarce capacity of the LG Energy Solution, and then there is still a shortage of chips, although this only indirectly affects the recall.

A burnt out Chevy Shop
A burnt-out model of battery problems. Source: InsideEVs [+]

This is definitely a slap in the face for EV uptake, despite the fact that an explosive vehicle running on combustible fuel with a statistically higher chance it ignites. It might hurt especially for the U.S. government working on electric car tax refunds, a few days ago he called for Joe Biden US president of the parent company General Motors as the leader of the EV revolution because Mary Barra he promised to fully electrify the corporate palette by 2035.

On the way, the GM EV1 models go to the crash, with police escorts for demonstrating the owners
On the way, the GM EV1 models go to the crash, with police escorts for demonstrating the owners (source: Taringa)

This was strange for two reasons: the president didn’t even mention the market-leading American electric car brand, and he forgot the fact that for more than a decade, GM could have really trampled on the EV trail anyway. Then the management took it and, in the midst of the resistance and protest of the owners, took it out of their hands with the rather suta-looking but forward-looking EV1 vehicle, and to leave no evidence of an electric detour, the models were taken under police custody. That’s what the 2006 is about Who Killed the Electric Car? documentary, and this event also contributed to a South African millionaire deciding to try the electric car theme himself. Tesla, which has repeatedly gone bankrupt, has a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion today and the U.S. EV market it dominates two-thirds.


GM stopped production at the Shop anyway in October (Ampera isn’t made anymore), then in November, production resumed for a short time, then stopped again, and now it has been announced that no new pieces of the model will be rolled out this year, because they focus on battery replacement. So far, the parent company has revealed that production will resume sometime in early 2022. In any case, excluding the Opel models, 140,000 65 kWh batteries will need to be replaced, and since there have been so many vehicles on the road for several years, Chevrolet and LG nor was it prepared to suddenly have to produce so many new batteries in existing vehicles.


At least it was announced the other day: a software update will arrive within 30 days, which will physically limit charging to 80%, and owners will be able to park in the garage again. However, GM / Chevrolet’s situation is not rosy, as without the replacement of the batteries, the pieces that have already been produced and are still waiting to be sold will not be available, so the loss of revenue from the sales and production side, as well as the reputation, is more than enough. So the revolutionary role of EV is quite interesting, but in this case, the battery maker is really the goose.

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