There will be no more missing tweets in the Twitter app for iOS

There is no doubt that Twitter is very addictive, but within the experience it offers, it is frustrating to see how tweets disappear, in each update of the timeline, which one might be interested in accessing, although luckily they are beginning to solve this situation.

In this regard, we have already commented recently that Twitter came to fix it on the web, opting for the users to decide the appropriate moments in which they want to receive new published tweets, and not through the automatic updates of the timeline, as had been done previously.

Something similar now comes to the application of Twitter for iOS. According to a tweet of the company:

We did some updates on iOS to prevent Tweets from disappearing in the middle of reading. Now when you pause scrolling the timeline to view a Tweet, you should stay still!

The idea is that when users stop scrolling the timeline, the app will keep the same position on the timeline, so that users will be able to consult those tweets that have caught their attention.

And it is not the first time that when one consults the timeline, some tweets that have attracted attention, magically disappear, having to make the effort to try to find them in order to know their contents in greater depth, and where appropriate, interact with them.

It is only possible that this improvement also reaches users of Android devices, something they are also working on, as indicated in a tweet in response to a suggestion received in this regard.

There is no doubt that this year is quite a busy year for the bluebird platform, an atypical year in that a huge effort has been made to bring new experiences, starting within them by also bringing experiences for those who are willing to pay. for them, as is the case with Twitter Blue, among other possibilities.

With this, the vertiginous growth of the platform throughout the year should not have prevented users from continuing to consult those tweets that they may consider of interest, although the good thing is that they have realized this situation, and the remedies to the itself have already been arriving.

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