WhatsApp already allows you to create stickers from an image

Finally, the option to create stickers appears on WhatsApp, although at the moment only in the version and for beta users (although some other non-beta user also manages to see the option).

I explain how it works in this video:

As you can see, it only works on, where it is possible to see a new “Create” section by putting the Stickers section at the bottom. Once selected, we can upload a photo from our computer and start editing it.

The photo will be the basis of our sticker, we can process it before removing the background, for example, to make later editing easier.

Once we have the uploaded image, we can use the tools available on WhatsApp Web: cut it out, paint over it, add an emoji or even another sticker on top, put text … basic tools, but enough to have a basic sticker in our account.

At the moment, none of the stickers created in the web option have appeared on the mobile, they are only available on WhatsApp web, and the option has only appeared to me from the account where I am a Beta user. Even so, it is a matter of very little time, in a few days they will begin to expand the function so that we can use it from any account.

It will surely take longer to have it available from your mobile. I will keep an eye on the update and will inform you when they do.

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