Accused of selling dangerous products, Wish will be de-listed from Google

Bruno Le Maire has just announced that the Wish site will no longer be referenced on the various search engines until further notice.

Since last July, Wish turns a deaf ear. The American market place has not responded to numerous requests from the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). At the heart of the discord, the dangerousness and the non-conformity of the products which are sold on the site and on the application. According to information from Parisian, after more than a year of investigation, the DGCCRF has finally decided to take drastic measures to protect consumers.

Invited on the set of France Info, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire explained this decision, a first in Europe.

“They do not respect the rules of consumer protection. (…) Some will say, it’s a site, we can’t find too important products like Ferraris, luxury perfumes, we only find small Christmas garlands, accessories, toys. But it turns out that some of these toys are dangerous for the health of our children, that there are small pieces that can come off, that they can swallow, which are made from carcinogenic plastics. ”

Le Parisien specifies that out of 140 products analyzed on the site, most were non-compliant, even dangerous. Toys are particularly affected with 45% of the products collected considered dangerous. The same goes for electrical appliances (95%) and jewelry (62%).

An installation a few weeks before the holidays

In a few days, the Wish site should no longer appear in the first responses from various search engines. Indeed, Microsoft (Bing), Google and Apple (Safari) will have to dereference the site. While this is not an outright ban, access will still be possible if you type the name Wish into your search engine; the latter will no longer be highlighted as part of a more global search, such as to find a new garland for your tree or the gift to give to your grand-niece.

Towards the ban of the site in France?

“Digital is not above the law”. During his interview with journalists from France Info, the tenant of Bercy wished to warn the company. These arrangements, taken by the DGCCRF, may change in the future, in the absence of a response from Wish. He does not hesitate to advance a total ban on the site in France if the necessary measures to protect consumers are not taken.

It is therefore a blow for the seventh most used market place in France. A few days before Black Friday and while the end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching. Especially since it is not the only case that the American company has on the back. As Le Parisien reminds us, it is also subject to a judicial investigation for “Deceptive marketing practices”. It incurs a fine of up to 10% of its turnover.

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