After Sorare, the NFT will also make their arrival in American football

The NFL will also have the right to its NFTs with its brand new platform launched on the occasion of Thanksgiving: NFL All Day. The latter uses the same principle as NBA Top Shot launched last year.

NFTs are everywhere, so the famous Anglo-Saxon dictionary Collins has decided to make it their word of the year. This acronym designates virtual tokens that are invading the whole world. If they were until recently, used by the art world, works selling for several hundred thousand dollars. For some time, these small digital tokens have also invaded other universes being at their ease in the world of sport.

By taking up the principle of the historic Pannini cards, which made the magic of all football fans in the 90s and 2000s, the Sorare platform has established itself as a benchmark for these 2.0 card collections. If today the platform focuses, with some success, on the world of football, other similar initiatives could emerge in the coming weeks among other sports.

Inspired by Sorare, the world of American football and the professional North American league that is the NFL have also decided to make their debut in the world of NFTs. In the United States, Top Shot already made its appearance a little less than a year ago. This platform managed by Dapper Labs distributes in the form of NFT small video clips of the NBA, the professional basketball league in the country of Uncle Sam.

Top Shot version NFL

Inspired by this principle, the NFL has also partnered with Dapper Labs to promote its sport with NFTs. These will be available on the NFL All Day platform. If the project is still in its infancy, he who has not yet been launched. The platform still hosts a waiting list promising users that they can preview what it will look like.

According to the league’s first information on the subject, posted on Twitter during the week, the platform seems very close to what already exists with NBA Top Shot. It is thus possible to buy random packs of “highlights” each with a certain level of rarity.

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