Amazon hits the market for 1TB and 2TB Crucial P2 SSDs (NVMe, M.2)!

Need an internal M.2 SSD? Amazon is currently breaking the price of the Crucial P2 2TB at less than 150 euros, and the 1TB version at less than 75 euros!

The Crucial P2 is an Internal SSD (NVMe, M.2, PCIe) with a capacity of 2TB, offering sequential read / write speeds of up to 2400/1900 MB / s.Has a 5 year limited warranty or maximum endurance score of 600 TBW. It is currently at Amazon at only 149.99 euros! Note that the 1TB version is also on sale at only 73.99 euros!

I take advantage of the 2TB offer

I take advantage of the 1TB offer

The Crucial P2 in detail

This Crucial drive is an M.2 model that fits into many laptops and even fixed (subject to compatibility). Unsurprisingly, there is an NVMe hardware interface, capable of offering excellent speeds! The read speed can reach 2400MB / s, and the sequential write speed caps at 1900MB / s. This is valid for all types of files according to the manufacturer.

Ideal for installing your computer’s OS, this type of disc can also be used for playing video games, or to a lesser extent for storing heavy files or for regular transfers. With its 1TB, you can store hundreds of films, gourmet video games, as well as thousands of photographs.

Also, this disk is very suitable for a new installation of Windows, in order to benefit from a faster start-up and shorter file loading times. If you have a better computer still running on a regular hard drive, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a good boost in terms of responsiveness.

To see the offers of Black Friday :

I take advantage of the 2TB offer

I take advantage of the 1TB offer

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