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An improved cordless chainsaw is the star of Black Friday

Anyone who wants to get into the picture with what a basic noname chainsaw looks like is read our detailed test about him. Excellent value for money widgets, including all negatives. Cuts trees 7-8 inches in diameter well and it is extremely easy to work with. It is especially recommended for pruning and pruning.

I mentioned as an error in the test that it is not safe enough, but the Mensela CS L2 + it excels in this much more. He got a plastic protective ring around the trigger, so it ‘s much harder to push down, let’ s just sloppily throw it into a bag, respectively it also has a security lock, so even if you just press the trigger, the chain won’t start. This is one big novelty and the other is that the 4-inch chain guide was replaced with a 6-inch one, so we can cut even thicker trees. However, automatic chain lubrication is not in this either, so we have to solve it for this model as well (chain lubrication spray).

It is also sympathetic that Mensela admits that 18 volts and 2 Ah is the axle. Moreover it has a small indicator on it that shows the amount of charge.

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