Before the Federal Court of Justice: Audi loses in the diesel trial

Diesel plaintiffs have for the first time fought for damages from Audi before the highest German civil court because of the VW scandal engine EA189. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe confirmed on Thursday four rulings by the Munich Higher Regional Court, which had largely awarded the Audi buyers the money they asked for.

The EA189 engine was developed by Volkswagen, but was also used in various models from the VW subsidiary Audi. In two previous cases, the BGH had missed concrete evidence that someone at Audi knew about the illegal exhaust technology.

Four final judgments

The Munich Higher Regional Court, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that it was unthinkable that not at least one person responsible for Audi was aware of it. The BGH judges complained about a number of errors, but saw themselves bound by the assessment of the higher regional court in the result. The four judgments are now final.

Most of those affected did not take legal action against Audi, but against VW. In this way, claims for damages were much easier to enforce. According to Audi, there are currently still a low four-digit number of pending proceedings. However, not all cases are comparable with those that have now been decided. (dpa / lw)

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