Better track recognition through longer listening!

The new version 15 of Shazam is said to offer better title recognition through longer listening.

Title recognition with Shazam update brings optimization

There’s a song on the radio and you think it’s great. Of course, you want to know the name of the song and who the artist is, so that, in the best case scenario, you can purchase it via iTunes or something similar. In precisely these situations, of course, the title is not mentioned. This is exactly why Shazam was invented and with a new update, the title recognition should work even better.

With the new version 15, Shazam – which is now part of Apple – enables the listening process to be carried out longer. This allows the application to collect more data and information, which should lead to Shazam “now having even more songs [findet]by searching more precisely and for longer, ”the company said.

As an Apple subsidiary, Shazam is of course already part of iOS and iPadOS where you can start the service with Siri or via the control center. It remained unclear at first whether Apple would be able to determine this on the server side or whether it would need an update for the operating system to do so in the future “more closely and for longer” remains unclear. Shazam is also available on the Apple Watch and can also be obtained as a separate app for macOS and Android.

If you are interested in Apple Music and have not used the service for a long time, you can still get the music service for three months free of charge until January 31st. All you have to do is go to the Shazam homepage or load a song and “shazam” until the end of January.

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