Boom 3D, a must-have multi-system application for sound lovers, on Mac and Windows

The sound in modern computers is very different from what we had a few years ago, but there are still ways to improve it, and today we will talk about an application that is capable of amplifying the volume while obtaining 3D surround sound.

Is about Boom 3D, a volume booster and equalizer that can be used on Mac and Windows, thus offering a realistic and immersive listening experience, completely immersive 3D.

On the one hand, it increases the audio automatically on Mac and Windows, on the other, it creates a sound profile suitable for the computer.

boom 3D

It has an elegant and intuitive interface, we can adjust it in various ways, and control the volumes of individual applications centrally. The idea of ​​this control is that we can put some applications in silence and others with maximum volume, being possible to control the volume of all of them centrally, without the need to open individual applications (only available in macOS).

boom 3D

It also has wireless control (Boom Remote), giving absolute control of all the sound. We can access Boom 3D functions from anywhere, even outside the home, all thanks to the “Boom Remote” app installed on the iPhone or iPad (only available on macOS).

On the mobile they have the app Boom, en iOS y Android, a music player app with integrations for Spotify and Tidal, where listeners can enjoy their music collection (even locally stored) with its proprietary audio technology, bass boost, and advanced equalizer options.

The technology used to create the surround sound it is so innovative that it is patented by them, Global Delight Technologies. It can be enjoyed from any headset, obtaining a sense of depth even when the source sound is weak.

boom 3D

Regarding the amplification, raises the audio levels throughout the system, producing a higher quality and higher volume.

In addition to these two variables, surround and amplified, it has an audio player to organize tracks in playlists, obtaining studio quality when it comes to playing it.

boom 3D

To have more control over what you hear, it has advanced equalizers that allow you to modulate the audio with just a swipe of your finger. It has several presets for each type of music, saving time on setup, audio effects, and automatic level control.

It also has more than 20,000 radio stations, both local and international (in 120 countries), available for free.

boom 3D

To produce a complete listening experience, Boom 3D brings incredible audio effects that can radically transform any type of audio by adding an intense and unique effect and a whole new perspective.

You can buy the application on its official website, where it is possible to find it for 10.75 euros. It is also available on the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store.

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