Buyer structure: Mercedes with the youngest buyers

The bobble dog on the shelf at Mercedes-Benz has long been a thing of the past. But now the Stuttgart manufacturer is surprising: at 41.4 years of age, the brand with the star has the youngest buyers of new cars.

This puts Mercedes-Benz well below the average: Anyone who opts for a new car is 47 years old. “The automotive industry is really facing the challenge of a fresh cell treatment,” said Pulse Managing Director Konrad Wener. The market researchers have created a study. The basis is a special evaluation from the car buyer monitor for the first half of 2021 with over 6,000 car buyers.

The star is followed by Seat (42.9 years), Citroen (44.7 years), BMW (44.8 years), Audi (44.9 years) and Tesla (45.1 years). “As our study shows, some car brands in association with their dealers are particularly successful in using topics such as climate friendliness, electromobility or infotainment to address and attract young car buyers,” says Wener.

Oldest used car buyer at Smart

Others don’t seem to succeed. Mazda (55.5 years), Peugeot (54.8 years), Toyota (51.3 years), and Nissan (51 years) are at the other end of the scale.

While Mercedes trumps the youngest new car buyers, sister company Smart has the oldest used car buyers. On average, buyers of a used Smart are 49.6 years old. They are just a little younger at Dacia (48.8 years) and Citroen (47.9 years).

The youngest used car buyers by far choose a Seat. On average, they are 33.1 years old. Audi (36.6 years), BMW (38.2 years), Mini (38.7 years) and Volkswagen (39.3 years) follow at a distance. The average used car buyer is 41 years old.

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From the data center:

Average age of new car buyers – January to September 2021

Average age of used car buyers – January to September 2021

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