E-car charging network: Experts are in favor of more competition in charging stations

Users criticize public charging stations as expensive and opaque. A central solution for this could be more competition, as experts emphasized at a discussion of the ADAC on Thursday. Getting there will be difficult because regional providers often dominate and most charging stations cannot yet be operated economically.

The chairman of the Monopoly Commission, Jürgen Kühling, relies in particular on competition among charging station operators. If this doesn’t exist, the prices will remain high, he is certain. And at the moment there is a structure in 84 percent of the municipalities in which one provider dominates the market. Often these are municipal providers who got involved early on. To ensure more competition, Kühling advocates higher funding rates for small and new providers. In addition, he advocates signaling prices early and transparently, as is the case today at petrol stations.

Charging stations are often not economical

The Federal Association of Energy and Water Management is also in favor of competition in the market, as Andrees Gentzsch from the main management of the BDEW emphasizes. However, he points out that there are already 500 charging station providers in Germany – that is much more than, for example, in the petrol station sector. In addition, the vast majority of charging stations cannot be operated economically at the moment. It actually takes three hours of charging a day to do this. At the moment, if you’re lucky, you’ll come across one.

Gentzsch warns in particular against wanting to plan the structure of the charging network too heavily. There was still a lack of information such as range and the proportion of public charging processes. Johannes Pallasch, the head of the national control center for charging infrastructure, advocated moving ahead with the planning. When the electric cars came, the infrastructure had to be there. It is the key to the ramp-up of electromobility. In addition, one must ensure that a coherent network is created. (dpa / mer)

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