Germany brings the end of coal-fired power forward to 2030 and sets its renewables target at 80%

In Germany, where they had kept away from nuclear energy and their intention was to reach 65% renewable energy and maintain the energy produced by coal, everything has changed with the arrival of the new government, advancing your cleanest goals.

The new Germanic leaders, in the coalition agreement under the name “More faith in progress. Alliance for freedom, justice and sustainability”, They have proposed to turn the region into a much greener and more environmentally responsible area, setting the objective of phase out coal by 2030.

Up to 15 million electric cars in 2030

power plant

The new Bavarian government will also boost investment in renewables, in order to increase renewable energy up to 80% for the year 2030 and the closure of the coal plants for that same year, when it was originally set for 2038.

Regarding renewables, the offshore wind power, setting the objectives of 40 GW for 2035 and 70 GW for 2045 and up to 200 GW of solar energy is foreseen for 2030. In fact, the agreement establishes that 2% of the earth’s surface of the country will be used for onshore wind energy.

All this is far from what was announced months ago, when Germany, together with other countries, signed a letter against nuclear energy, but that they would continue to finance coal.

In fact, the country remains negative in the use of nuclear energy and has set its goal of being emission neutral by 2045.

Thus Germany joins different countries like Switzerland, Austria or Belgium, that have already phased out coal and Portugal, which closed this month its last central burning of this mineral.

As for electric cars, the new government claims that up to 15 million electric cars are registered by 2030.

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