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Black Friday on Amazon reached its peak this Thursday, the merchant has been unveiling new XXL offers in a burst since this morning. Considering the quantity of offers, we have prepared a small special tech selection.

For this Black Friday, Amazon sees things big. Accompanied by other online merchants, it has been showing crazy discounts since dawn. If it is possible to anticipate the gifts for the holidays or to find nuggets, it is the occasion to make very good business. To help you find your way around, we’ve put together a list of the most generous offers available this Thursday.

In recent years, Black Friday at Amazon, Cdiscount or even AliExpress has continued to grow. All the biggest online merchants are involved in this special operation. In addition, they do not hesitate to cut prices on products from major brands during the event.

Offers by the thousands during Black Friday

If Black Friday on Amazon started a little earlier, the best deals are condensed on this weekend. Since the beginning of November, the online merchant has supported its efforts by unveiling thousands of offers to the point that more than a million discounts will be formalized throughout the duration of the operation. If tech is a historical theme, all product categories are targeted by good deals.

This edition of Black Friday at Amazon et al is subject to stock restriction. And for good reason, a shortage of semiconductors has paralyzed the tech market for several months to the point that production is less massive than usual. Given this particular context, you have to go for the best deals as soon as they appear. We have already seen many disruptions at online merchants during the week, all the more reason not to miss the most interesting offers as soon as the opportunity arises.

For Black Friday, Amazon has plenty of flash deals. Since the start of the week, he has been playing the game of these high potential discounts in order to spread his discounts over time. It has been a few years since the best offers were unveiled on the single day of Friday, November 26, but of course during the week. All the items that disappear by tomorrow will not come back before the end of the operation, so it is necessary to secure the discounts when they are put online, because stocks will still be emptied massively today.

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What are the unmissable offers?

During Black Friday on Amazon and others, offers inevitably stand out from the crowd during the operation. As the number of discounts is mind-boggling, it can be difficult to find them on time, many people arrive too late. For our part, we have designed a small selection of the best tips, it is updated regularly according to new products and out of stock.

During this edition of Black Friday, Amazon and Cdiscount decided to attack the Apple brand. As a result, both are showing the latest MacBook Air M1 at $ 999 right now. It’s just crazy, especially when you know that the brand does not discount and that it limits online merchants when they want to lower the prices of its references. It is also possible to find other discounts on the brand’s products right now, even AliExpress is doing it with unheard-of discounts on AirPods Pro.

Black Friday on Amazon and Cdiscount is also the perfect opportunity to make a deal on the Nintendo Switch. Always coveted, the famous video game console is displayed at a discount at the two online merchants. As always, you have to act very quickly to arrive on time. We know that the number of units available is small while the public interest is high.

For its part, AliExpress is taking advantage of Black Friday to smash the prices of the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9. The online merchant quite simply offers the best prices of the moment with immediate reductions of -50% on these high-end smartphones. No one can do better, even Amazon which offers higher prices. More generally, AliExpress has been extremely active since the start of the week with exclusive and unprecedented tech offers.

Otherwise, the Bose Solo 5 soundbar is making a comeback this Black Friday on Amazon with a steep discount. We can also see discounts on big brands like Sony, Philips Hue, Xiaomi, Bose… For its part, Dyson has posted offers on cordless vacuum cleaners directly on its official website. More generally, there are also various offers that can target VPNs, antiviruses or even packages. Some of them easily go down to -60% or -80%.

Security when shopping on Amazon

On Black Friday, Amazon still presents itself as one of the most present online merchants. This is no coincidence, as it has contributed to the influence of the operation around the world in recent years. With number 1 status in France, it offers crazy offers, but also quality service. It is for this reason that customers keep coming back, he knows how to offer a simple and efficient shopping experience from start to finish, without stopping when you have received the order.

Indeed, Black Friday at Amazon is also a withdrawal period which extends until January 31, 2022. If the merchant usually gives you up to 30 days to change your mind after an order, he has decided to think even bigger for this new edition. You have all the month of January to change your mind, which gives you time to spend the Christmas holidays and give the gifts in peace. By default, be aware that the withdrawal period is at least 14 days.

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