Industry association: VDA gets new financial architecture

The German carmakers are strengthening their contacts in the environment of the Greens. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has recruited the previous head of the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association, Andreas Rade. As managing director, he should be responsible for the areas of politics and society. Rade was active in the Green parliamentary group until 2012 and headed the office of the chairman at the time, Renate Knast. He later joined the parliamentary group’s economic advisory council. “The transformation to climate-neutral mobility is a huge challenge and at the same time a great opportunity”, quoted the VDA Rade after a general meeting on Thursday.

The members therefore decided on a “new financial architecture” for the lobby association that had been drawn up for some time. Three quarters of the budget of around 24 million euros in the next year is to be financed from membership fees, according to association circles. So far it has been a quarter. The background is the new concept of the IAA auto show in Munich. It is shorter than it used to be in Frankfurt and is partly aimed at non-paying people with events in public places. This lowers the association’s income from the fair.

The association’s management under President Hildegard Mller will in future have three instead of four members. In addition to Rade, there are Jrgen Mindel and Joachim Damasky. (dpa / swi)

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