Instagram started extending the duration of Video Stories to a maximum of 60 seconds

The presence and success of TikTok is having a strong impact on the development of new functions on Instagram, in order to bring the experience closer to what its popular competing social network offers.

We recently learned that Instagram works on a function for add music to feed posts, a feature that will come together with another change, the ability to publish Video Stories that last up to 60 seconds.

Stories of up to a minute will soon arrive on Instagram

Those who use Instagram often and post content through their Stories will surely be aware that the maximum duration of these posts is 15 seconds.

Technically, it is possible to upload up to a minute of content in one go. When using the camera or if you choose to upload video clips from the mobile gallery, the content will end up fragmenting every 15 seconds anyway, up to the mentioned limit of one minute.

Matt Navarra, a well-known commentator and consultant on social media issues, reported through your Twitter account the change introduced. Without big announcements in between, only certain accounts have been able to access this function so far. Like every major new feature Instagram introduces, it’s first introduced with a little explanatory notification.

Instagram has changed a lot in recent time, conditioning its steps based on the movements of its competition. A clear example of this are Reels, which in 2020 emerged as a response to TikTok, offering the possibility of transferring the dynamics of Stories to publications that are not ephemeral. In a short time, its extension was extended from 15 to 30 seconds maximum and a few months ago, its duration was extended to one minute.

Within all this dynamism, another important change in recent times is the IGTV withdrawal, merging those long videos with the regular clips of posts in the feed. By the way, an option that appeared more discreetly, is the possibility of sharing these publications with a preview in the Stories, as can be done with the Reels.

Although these changes are a contribution to the generation of original content, they also contribute to the dissemination of own or third-party content. For example, when sharing a one-minute Reel in a Story, only the first 15 seconds are previewed, the limit set for these posts. By having a full minute, outside of being able to upload content of that duration, it will also be more comfortable to replicate other publications.

It is not the first time that Instagram partially rolled out a feature, before releasing it globally. Experience tells us that in the absence of a statement that commits to a launch date, its arrival time is totally relative in time, but expected anyway, given its initial start-up.

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