Lithium-ion battery factory: CATL increases the number of employees at the Arnstadt plant

The Chinese battery manufacturer CATL will be hiring more employees for its plant near Arnstadt in the next few weeks. The workforce should increase from currently around 180 employees in Thuringia to around 225 by the end of the year, announced CATL European manager Matthias Zentgraf. In addition, there are 115 employees from China who, among other things, are deployed in the construction of production facilities.

According to Zentgraf, six production lines are to be installed in the 500-meter-long new building in the “Erfurter Kreuz” industrial park. The plant near Arnstadt is CATL’s first outside of China. In the future, it will primarily supply automobile manufacturers with batteries for their e-cars.

CATL has been building the lithium-ion battery factory near Arnstadt since autumn 2019. The power requirements of the factory and a necessary 110-kilovolt connection are currently being discussed. According to Zentgraf, the future will be supplied exclusively with green electricity. That is what the company’s customers would expect.

CATL also took over large parts of a former solar factory in the industrial park for logistics tasks, among other things. This is also where CATL’s Europe Center is based. (Dpa-AFX / os)

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