Missile in sight! The Toyota GR Supra Funny Car is a beast of drags with more than 11,000 hp capable of exceeding 500 km / h

A brutality born to fly in a straight line that exceeds 11,000 hp: Toyota just unveiled the new GR Supra Funny Car which will compete in 2022 in the NHRA Championship Drag Racing Series.

This over-anabolic Toyota GR Supra will be your next racehorse in this famous acceleration contest and in the Funny Car category, in which the Japanese firm has three championships and 43 disputes won. More does so in the top Top Fuel, with 137 wins and six crowns.

The quarter mile in 3.8 seconds

Toyota GR Supra Funny Car 2022 y Toyota GR Supra

It is Toyota GR Supra Funny Car, based on the street model, has been developed by Toyota Racing Development (TDR) in collaboration with the brand design studio Calty Design Research.

And the result is this beast that next year, and for the first time, will replace Camry Funny Car, with which Toyota has been competing since 2012.

An impossibly elongated bonnet is combined with a small cabin and a long bodied side to culminate in a gigantic rear wing. All its aerodynamics bodywork is carbon fiber in order to adjust the weight as much as possible.

Toyota GR Supra Funny Car 2022

On the other hand, the guys from TDR detail that regarding the Camry they have improved safety with a larger front window and that improves visibility for the pilot, in addition to the fact that the cabin offers more headroom and the entire cabin is covered by more safety foam.

The spectacular stamp of the GR Supra Funny Case is combined with immense 8.2-liter V8 that is supercharged at the stroke of a supercharger and delivers up to 11,153 direct hp to rear wheels, as required by this championship in the Top Fuel and Funny Car categories. While Toyota doesn’t reveal these credentials, it does Hypebeast, whose article links the NHRA official website.

With these ingredients, the prototypes of the Funny Car category are able to travel the quarter mile in 3.8 seconds, reaching speeds in excess of 330 miles per hour, that is to say about 530 km/h. You can’t wait to see this Toyota GR Supra Funny fly.

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