New registrations in October: EU commercial vehicle markets continue to decline

The commercial vehicle markets in the EU continued to fluctuate in October. 144,409 trucks, buses and vans were newly registered, 16.4 percent fewer vehicles than in the same month last year, as the European manufacturers’ association Acea announced on Thursday in Brussels.

New registrations have been falling since July compared to the previous year. Because almost the entire market collapsed for weeks and months in the corona-burdened year 2020, there is still an increase of 14.7 percent to 1.58 million vehicles after the first ten months of 2021.

Especially Spain collapses

In October all of the four largest commercial vehicle markets fell. Germany recorded a drop in new vehicle registrations by almost a quarter. While France and Italy looked only a little better than in Germany, the Spanish market fell even more, with a minus of almost a third. (dpa / mer)

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