On Black Friday, this ā‚¬ 149 electric scooter is a hit šŸ”„

The Surpass 8 Pro scooter reaches an unprecedented price for Black Friday. Cdiscount is betting on urban mobility for the end of the year with slashed prices on this Surpass range.

This Thursday, Cdiscount formalized all of its Black Friday offers. During the next 10 days, you will therefore be able to take advantage of these thousands of good deals. But as always, the stock is limited for this type of product: the first arrived will be the first served. Among the essential deals of this end of the year, there is this offer on the Surpass 8 Pro electric scooter.

This scooter is one of the cheapest in the whole market, which explains its success. For Black Friday, Cdiscount is able to go even further with an additional 20 euros discount. The Surpass 8 Pro is down thus at 149 euros instead of 199 euros, or more than 25% reduction. The value for money is just unbeatable for this product.

I take advantage of the offer

Already the Surpass electric scooter is very cheap, this additional reduction is a pleasure to see. For comparison, premium competitors on the market (like Xiaomi’s) sell for more than 400 euros each. In the end, you can therefore receive a product for less than half the price that will largely do the trick for your trips around town.

Features of this Surpass 8 Pro

The Surpass 8 Pro scooter weighs 12 kilos and is easily stored thanks to a folding structure. So you don’t need to park it on the street: it can easily be transported upstairs and hide under your desk. Obviously, it is also water resistant, which allows you to move around in the rain (be careful not to slip).

Under the hood, there is a 350 W motor that can go up to 25 km / h. While the city of Paris has just limited rental scooters (Tier, Lime, etc.) to 10 km / h, you can still ride up to 25 km / h with your personal scooter. In terms of autonomy, the Surpass 8 Pro displays 25 km on the odometer. Obviously, it depends on the weight of the person and the height difference.

Cdiscount is very flexible on this purchase. Since you won’t be able to try the Surpass 8 Pro in store, the e-commerce site sends the product to you for a 14-day test. You will have plenty of time to confirm the characteristics and your interest during this period. At any time during this period, you can decide to return the product and get a refund.

The merchant also offers you a payment in 4 installments free of charge. This allows you to pay for your electric scooter in 4 monthly installments of less than 50 euros. This is a good way to invest in a means of transport without penalizing your budget too much. Better than this reduction, you will not be able to have. This Surpass 8 Pro is the cheapest model available on the market right now.

To discover the Surpass 8 Pro, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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