Significant drop in sales in 2021: Overcoming the chip crisis takes time

According to an expert, car manufacturers can only slowly overcome the drop in sales caused by the semiconductor shortage. On the German market, Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from the private Center Automotive Research (CAR) expects sales of less than 2.7 million vehicles in the current year, which would be a decrease of eight percent compared to the already weak year 2020.

Strong double-digit growth can only be expected in the second half of the coming year, once the semiconductor crisis and possible upheavals of the fourth Covid-19 wave have been overcome. Dudenhöffer expects growth of ten percent to 3.01 million units for the full year 2022.

Car sales are still weak in 2023

In a global comparison, the German and South Korean markets were hit particularly hard by the component shortage, Dudenhöffer reports in his analysis published on Thursday. On the other hand, the up-and-coming India, which will displace the German market from fourth place worldwide in 2021, shows strong growth of 20 percent in the current year. The largest auto markets are in China, the USA and Japan. According to CAR estimates, around 78.8 million cars will still be sold worldwide in 2023 than in the pre-crisis year 2019. (dpa / swi)

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Chip requirements in the automotive industry

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