Technology Podcast, we premiere it with 5-minute summaries every 48 hours

There is a new podcast on the internet, the WWWhatsnew podcast, the podcast that will summarize the technology news of the last 48 hours in just five minutes, ideal for not missing anything that is really important.

We launch it in, where the first episode is already published. On this occasion, open to all, so that you know the format of these information pills.

In this first episode I comment on the app that automatically invests in bitcoins, I mention the city of bitcoins next to a volcano, the app that allows us to communicate with movements of the eyes and the return of the Winamp multimedia player.

I will post a new episode every other day, with the most relevant, but from time to time I will post an “extra episode” with topics that deserve special attention.

Why in Mumbler

There are many podcast platforms on the market, some of them extremely popular and available in mobile apps that everyone has, but I wanted to start the project with a new platform that has caught my attention.

Mumbler allows you to create a new podcast in a short time, monetizing it from minute zero, since each new subscriber only has to report their data once for the recurring payment to be made. In the case of WWWhatsnew, the price of the podcast is the minimum, 3 euros per month, but this price can be adjusted very easily.

Each podcast has a feed for its dissemination, as well as a panel from where we can see the subscribers’ data in case we want to communicate with them at any time.

The project was born from the hands of Pol Rodriguez and JosΓ© C. Cortizo, who have noticed an excellent reception by the media in these first weeks of life.

We are waiting for you on our podcast!

– Link to WWWhatsnew Technology podcast: click here
– Link to the first episode (free): click here

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Lenny Li

I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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