Tesla raises the Italian prices of its best-selling Model 3, Model S and Model X

Here we go again, it happened again: Tesla changed the Italian price list raising the prices of the best-selling Model 3, Model S and Model X. Let’s go immediately to discover the new price list, which therefore updates the one described in our article Which Tesla to buy in late 2021?

Whoever was planning to get a new Model Y is safe: Elon Musk’s men fortunately they have not adjusted the prices of the crossover, left at 60,990 euros and 68,990 for Long Range and Performance. Different speech instead for Model 3: the Model 3 Standard Range Plus today costs 49,990 euros, up by 1,000 euros, the same happens to the Long Range which today costs 55,990 euros. Performance unchanged at € 60,990.

The price of Model S and Model X is also rising: the super sedan Dual Motor with all-wheel drive exceeds 100,000 euros e reaches 104,990 euros, an increase of 5,000 euros. The same fate befell Model X, with the SUV that today costs 114,990 euros with Dual Motor and all-wheel drive. The Plaid versions of the two cars remain unchanged, to which in 2022 it will be possible add a Tesla kit with carbon ceramic brakes – at a price close to 18,000 euros, a novelty useful to placate the recent ones controversy over the Model S Plaid brakes. All the starting prices described above are intended with white color, all other colors are optional.

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