The cult Star Trek characters also have the right to their NFT version

The madness of the NFT has just made a new victim and it is the iconic saga of the pop-culture Star Trek that will pay the price.

Since the start of the school year in September, there are three letters that have stirred the tech world more than the other “NFT”. Simple effect of style or real revolution, these non-fungible tokens, as it is common to call them in French, are in any case very fashionable and many are the variations made thanks to this new technology, derived from the famous blockchain.

It all started a few months ago with the development of Sorare, a site that will quickly meet with success, which uses the principle of football players’ cards published by the famous “Pannini” books, in detail that in 2021 the cards are virtual, and their authenticity is verified by an NFT.

NFT madness takes over Star Trek

This digital token is unique, it is registered in the blockchain which makes it inviolable and it is thus the ultimate proof of the authenticity of a digital work. Anyone can have a free copy of it, but the NFT comes to prove that the owner of the token is indeed the owner of the initial work.

Thereby this exclusivity attracts many people, and more and more studios of all kinds are starting to produce NFTs. Recently, it was rapper Booba who offered his fans to buy his latest single via this technology. 25,000 lucky people were therefore able to benefit from “TN” while the rest of the world is still waiting.

Faced with this booming movement, the company Funko Pop decided to act recently. The latter announced that it had entered into a partnership with ViacomCBS for a new collection of NFT “Digital Pop” objects. In this series of cards, it will be possible to find the essential characters of the cult Star Trek series.

Virtual cards sold for $ 10 for 5

This is not the first time that Funko has offered NFTs to its audience. Indeed, since the beginning of the summer, these tokens have been available on the market and the “Star Trek” generation is only the latest. As with every time Funko releases a new collection of cards, purchasing some of them (usually the rarest) entitles you to a free physical figurine.

In total, Fonko will be selling 120 cards from November 30th. The brand has already given all the details of the latter. It intends to sell a total of 48,000 card packs, 36,000 will be completely standard with five Digital Pop cards chosen at random, all for $ 9.99 while 12,000 premium packs containing 15 cards can cost up to at $ 29.99. All of these cards will be available for purchase on the app.

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