the dinos show the fangs in a (long) excerpt

Colin Trevorrow’s new film is revealed in an excerpt that plunges us 65 million years earlier.

Jurassic World preparing its return to our screens. The saga inspired by the work of Steven Spielberg is soon coming to an end, and Universal is putting the dishes in the big ones to grab the attention of viewers. On social networks, the studios unveil the prologue of the film, which puts dinosaurs in the spotlight.

Millions of years before the adventures of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, dinosaurs reign supreme on our beautiful blue planet. While a fight is brewing, a strange little critter navigates between the huge dinos and draws some blood. The reference to the first saga is rather obvious. This is the mosquito that was fossilized and that will allow John Hammond 65 million years later to revive a dozen extinct species. In short, the starting point of the first film.

The sequence is not new since it was broadcast before Fast & Furious 9 this summer. It is therefore above all for Universal a way of unveiling the technological prowess of the film, which will feature creatures imagined and created by Industrial Light & Magic. After seeing the sequence, we definitely want a documentary on each of its colossi!

An epic conclusion

Jurassic World: The Afterlife, is located some time after the events of the second opus. The residents of the park have arrived on the mainland and humans will have to live with these bloodthirsty monsters. Claire and Owen will no doubt have to roll up their sleeves to save humanity.

Providential returns

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard won’t be alone in this endeavor. They will be able to count on Omar Sy, who will take over the role of Barry. Historic actors will also be on hand, starting with Sam Neill and Laura Dern. The two actors will play Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler respectively, almost 30 years later Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum will return as Doctor Ian Malcolm.

The fans will therefore have something to celebrate. Appointment on June 8 next to discover Jurassic World: The Afterlife.

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