The Government opens the door for gas stations to install charging points for other brands than their own

The Government continues to try to encourage the sale of electric cars and therefore, in the past Council of Ministers and, at the request of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, it has been decided to modify the Hydrocarbons Law so that the service stations are free to install a charging point.

This means that from now on, each gas station may have charging points that are run by a different operator than the one offered by the gas station. In other words, Repsol franchised gas stations, for example, already You will not be obliged to implement charging stations from the same operatorIf not, they will be able to access others.

Obligation for large gas stations to install charging points

BP gas station

This supposes a modification of the Law 34/1998, of the hydrocarbons sector, which until now, regulated that the holders of flagged service stations that had to install a recharging point, could be seen required to include the recharge service within the exclusive supply contract.

With this modification of article 43 bis, a new limitation is included to the scope of fuel supply contracts that link wholesalers with flagged or franchised service stations so that cannot include exclusivity clauses regarding the provision of electric vehicle recharging services.

In other words, now a person who decides to open a franchised service station will not be obliged to install a recharging point from the same operator as the station, but rather you may have access to other operators.

In addition, the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law introduces the obligation that the main service stations -with annual sales of more than five million liters- have public charging points.

These changes fall within the framework of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, whose objective is to have five million electric vehicles in 2030, and by 2023 the intermediate goal of 250,000 electric vehicles has been set.

This freedom on the part of gas station franchisees can open the door to the implementation of more charging points on the road, one of the great problems of Spain.

Since, of the 12,702 charging points throughout the whole National territory, most are distributed in large cities and more populated areas, while the scarcity of these points is found on the highways and, having more charging points in service stations, would be a solution to the problem.

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