the Netflix series becomes reality thanks to a youtubeur

Mr. Beast offered 456 players the opportunity to walk away with $ 456,000. In exchange, they had to survive games inspired by Squid Game.

Squid Game is a truly international phenomenon. A few weeks after its release, the South Korean series established itself as the most watched original production in the history of the platform. In less than a month, it was viewed by more than 111 million users. She dethroned The Bridgertons Chronicle and its some 88 million views around the world.

Obviously, this success gives ideas to many designers, who have decided organize real contests all over the world. This is the case of Mr. Beast, the famous American YouTuber who in front of his 79 million subscribers, organized an edition in (almost) real conditions of the competition.

As a reminder, the series follows participants in an extraordinary game. 456 players, cornered by monstrous debt, are invited to play games inspired by childhood to try to win 45.6 billion won (33 million euros). But it is during a bloody game of 1,2,3 soleil that they will discover that elimination is synonymous with death for the participants.

$ 456,000 up for grabs

Rest assured, the outcome of the game organized by Mr. Beast was not fatal. They all had a detonator placed on the thorax, like those used in the cinema, to signify their elimination. Thus, they had to survive the deadly sun 1,2,3, the test of the biscuit but also that of the glass bridge. The winner pocketed the tidy sum of 456,000 dollars.

The entire video can be found on YouTube. The least we can say is that the atmosphere is much more relaxed than in the Netflix series. After all, when his life is not on the line these activities can obviously be fun. Small subtlety nevertheless, the finale took the form of musical chairs, the game of the octopus not being really popular in the United States.

A season 2

To find Squid Game, the real one, it will be necessary to be patient. The series must return for a second burst of episodes, but it will obviously not be for now. Its creator has announced that he is working on the development of season 2, but wants to take the time to do it right. We must nevertheless hope that it will not take him 10 years, as for season 1. We can bet that Netflix will probably not be ready to wait that long. The firm will undoubtedly want to capitalize on the success of the first episodes to make revenue.

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