The price of delivery of books will increase on Amazon

The Senate has just adopted a new bill providing for minimum delivery charges for the delivery of books purchased on e-commerce platforms.

Without explicitly citing Amazon, the Senate has just dealt a blow to the web giant. Since October 2021, the National Assembly has passed a law aimed at increase the delivery price of books on ecommerce sites. Objective: to provide more support to booksellers and small resellers in the face of the hegemony of the web giants. Presented by the Republican Senator Laure Darcos, the text of the law had already been unanimous at the beginning of October in the Hemicycle.

Prices will go up

As a result of this decision, the government will soon adopt a floor price for the delivery of books purchased online. Yes Amazon has never been directly mentioned, it is the GAFAM that the Senate intends to attack: it must be said that for years, the company only asks € 0.01 for the delivery of its books. A situation that makes it difficult to compete with.

It is therefore no great surprise that the law relating to the delivery costs of books has just been adopted at second reading in the Senate. In a few months, this could directly impact consumers. By restoring “The conditions for fair competition between the various players in the sector, in particular by putting an end to free deliveries of books made by certain platforms to the detriment of booksellers”, the law inevitably provides increase the final invoice in the event of an online order. Invoice that will be directly charged to consumers.

Amazon hasn’t said its last word

For Amazon, however, there remains an alternative, already very popular with customers: the subscription to a Prime subscription, which provides free shipping on millions of products, including books. If the adoption of this new law hopes favor small traders to the detriment of large ones, it could thus promote the development of premium services of the web giant, already in full expansion.

At the same time, the Senate also validated the text of a bill aimed at promoting the development of libraries, and more generally of public reading. The latter plans in particular to offer more resources to cultural establishments “A precise legislative framework with a reminder of the major republican principles which should guide them”, estimates the Luxembourg Palace today. Appointment on December 16 to have the end of the story.

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