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The Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C air purifier is HUF 26,200

Since I am allergic to cat hair, after 5 minutes my smudge of saliva is choked,

so we popped in the Xiaomi air purifier, also pictured. Roughly After 10 minutes, I had no problem, so the equipment extracted the irritating substances from the air. This is a Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H, that is the predecessor of the current 3Cand I think that first the story outlined is much more telling than if I had described the mere technical parameters, but of course I will.

The Air Purifier 3C was born from the marriage of the old 2H and 3H machines, as its performance is similar to the former, but received LED display, which was an innovation of 3H in the past. It circulates the air at a capacity of 320 cubic meters per hour, so you can effectively keep the air space of a medium room clean.

It is exactly the same size as 3H, 24x24x52 centimeters. At the beginning is the display where shows the current air quality, and the mode in which it operates. Van automatic mode, in which case it constantly monitors the air and when there is more “pollution”, it spins upand cleans faster. In sleep mode, it is extremely quiet so as not to disturb our night’s sleep. THE We can integrate it into a Home application, so we can add it to our other smart home stuff, but more importantly, we can remotely control and schedule is. Its filter is exactly like the previous generation, so you can easily find a replacement.

A HEPA filter it filters out 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns, making the machine very efficient.

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